About Us

Rapski Photography was born from two women's love and passion for photography.  Capturing the special moments in life is what we strive for every time the shutter button is pushed.

Kathy Rapajic has done photography professionally and as a hobby for over 25 years.  Not a day goes by that she doesn't learn something new about a lens technique or computer editing trick.  Besides photography, Kathy's passion lies in maintaing a healthy and active lifestlye and helping others achieve their healthy goals in life.  

Michelle Malczewski has done photography as a hobby also for over 25 years.  Her first experience with photography was in her junior year of high school shooting with a film camera.  She learned how to roll film, chemical balance and printing in a dark room.  Today she contines to   take photos at many events, as well as doing some computer design work and DVD productions.  On the side in her free time, she loves to  hang out with her nieces and nephew.
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